The following positions are under recruitment:(in total 20 positions)

  • 1. Director of Operations
  • 2. Human Resource Manager
  • 3. Head of Recruitment
  • 4. Head of Training
  • 5. Head of Display
  • 6. Director of Product Design
  • 7. Fashion Designer
  • 8. Accessories Designer
  • 9. Buyer
  • 10. Director of Sales
  • 11. Regional Sales Manager
  • 12. Store Manager
  • 13. Store Staff
  • 14. Fashion Sample Maker
  • 15. Merchandiser
  • 16. Fabric and Accessories Purchasing Assistant
  • 17. Mystery Shopper
  • 18. Receptionist
  • 19. Web Page Designer
  • 20. Head of Production
If you are interested in above positions, please send your resume to
Tel:+86 10 8256 2182

1. Director of Operations

Someone with personal charisma, no gender preference, younger candidate preferred, able to apply professional knowledge to co-ordinate work from different departments.

2. Human Resource Manager

Ability to encourage competent colleagues and prevent incompetent colleagues from carrying-on by effectively conducting Performance Review.

3. Head of Recruitment

Ability to discover talents of individuals, able to optimize their talent when it comes to deciding on their positions.

4. Head of Training

Ability to employ vivid but simple language to communicate our corporate culture and professional knowledge with clarity, to spread our culture and improve sales performance.

5. Head of Display

Ability to create an exciting ambience in the shop; To arrange product display in an ordered yet interesting way.

6. Director of Product Design

A thirst for knowledge and learning, and the ability to both develop product concept and see it through to production.

7. Fashion Designer

Ability to think without constraints, able to exercise control over the whole process from design to cutting, sample making, and mass production.

8. Accessories Designer

Show a greater enthusiasm for accessory design and production than just apparel design.

9. Buyer

Possessed of unique taste and a nose for sourcing exceptional materials and goods.

10. Director of Sales

Responsibilities include management of direct sales in Beijing area, franchising in other cities and E-commerce.

11. Regional Sales Manager

Impartial, able to inspire enthusiasm of the team, able to manage 6-8 shops down to the details.

12. Store Manager

Not only able to convey our corporate culture to the consumer, but also able to personally lead the staff by example.

13. Store Staff

Able to communicate beauty, passion and vitality, preference for lively men.

14. Fashion Sample Maker

Able to get to the heart and soul of the garments with meticulous craftsmanship.

15. Merchandiser

guarantee the quality, quantity and punctuality of the production with diligence and wisdom.

16. Fabric and Accessories Purchasing Assistant

Able to select the appropriate products with keen eye of a designer.

17. Mystery Shopper

Honesty, diligence and accuracy is required for task of mystery shopping for each and every time.

18. Receptionist

Able to bring warmth and joy to our employees and guests. Preference for men with fluent English.

19. Web Page Designer

Our ideal web design should be simple, easy to use, beautiful and unexpected.

20. Head of Production

Upright, honest and professional in ensuring various product lines to hit the market on schedule. Able to resist the temptation of improper business approaches.